Are you traditional or trendy?

Blue silver and white

The Holiday season is officially in full swing, as we enter the month of December, tis the season to be jollie! The weather is getting frightful outside, bye bye  shorts and flip flops, out come the coats and boots! Seems like yesterday we just took all our Christmas trimmings down,  packed them all up, stored them in boxes  and here we are starting   all over again! So this year are you keeping to your traditional  Christmas tree or going to try something a little trendy?

In our home my children has always teased me in the  past because we used to put up 5 Christmas trees! Yes FIVE, one in our living room, one in our family room downstairs, one in our master bedroom, and each of  my boys had one their bedrooms…Realty has now taken over and we are now down to 2, which is much more feasible in our busy lifestyle.

blue silver and white

Why still 2, do you ask? I wonder that myself at times! Main reason is that I love the the trendy non-traditional colors of Christmas decoration that come and go from season to season. I have seen some very cool and trendy colors for Christmas  trees, white, silver, and even black  trees.!! This year the big color trend  to decorate your tree seems to be purple, I have seen purple decorations combined with lime green, fuchsia,  and red, now that is a very colorful combination of colors and looks spectacular!

The last few years we have adorned our tree up in our living room with blue, silver and white. The cool crisp combination of these colors, remind me of a new mountain peek covered with fresh snow, clean, crisp and glistening. These colors  add sparkle and bling, and also happen to be the main colors in the decor of the  room so everything flows together, which  makes my obsessive behavior tendencies stay at bay!

red green and goldAlthough I love the trendy colors of Christmas, you cannot take away from the beautiful and traditional colors of red, gold and green. These colors are the three main colors that truly represent Christmas, so hence the reason why we have 2 Christmas trees, down in our family is where we keep our traditional tree and oddly enough it is were my family has always opened up their presents. Our traditional tree of red, gold and green is where we keep our boys Christmas decorations that they made at school and so proudly gave us for Christmas presents. It is where we all gather after our family meal is over and we waddle down the stairs to sit and play games with our kids, family and friends.

So I guess even though I love the trendy colors of Christmas decorating, I also love the traditional colors of red, green and gold that will always represent Christmas cheer.  The design of your Christmas tree can be whatever you choose it to be,  it represents what the holidays mean to you and your family and the memories you keep.


Here are some tips on how to decorate your tree;

  1. start with lot’s of lights or purchase a pre-lit one( saves on much frustration)
  2. Tuck and twist your Sinamay mesh into empty areas of your tree(this will make your tree really full)
  3. Add your bows or garland which ever you prefer to  use
  4. Add your ornaments making sure that they are spread out evenly
  5. Add your tree topper, whether it is a beautiful angel, a star or a decorative bow is totally up to you

Grab a glass of eggnog, wine , sit back and enjoy your masterpiece!!

Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year!



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