Come on, I dare you, add some color!!!

Whether you are remodeling  freshening up or preparing your home to sell, you will be thinking about which color palette to choose. Come on, I dare you to add some color!! We are constantly bombarded with images and information that we need to keep everything neutral, well I challenge everyone to think outside the box and bring in some color!

Color is fun and can make a room feel warm and inviting. Color adds texture, depth, and personality to any room. Now there are many ways to add color  and that doesn’t necessarily mean going crazy and using every color on the color wheel.   In the first picture designed below you see a perfect way of adding color without over doing it.  Although everything in the room is neutral, like the furniture, floor and walls, there has been some color blocking added. This is a pretty simple technique which allows bold colors to be added to  the wall  without over powering the room; this automatically draws the eye to the color blocking which is in turn is drawing your eye to look at the furniture and move around the room easily.  In the second picture the color blocking is a little bolder than the first picture. The whole back wall is color blocked and the purple is picked up on the drapes, area rug, bed linens, bench, pillows and a little in the art work, take notice that although the very strong color purple is used abundantly in this room the furniture is all white and very neutral as to not compete with the accessories..










If painting bright colors onto your walls is a very scary thing for you, no need to worry! Look at the pictures below as  examples, and here color is introduced very boldly but it is used as a form of art work and accessories. Both pictures  show that  the picture frames and the pillows, are what gives the room the bold punch of color without having to paint. As a matter of fact the walls need to be very neutral so the other items become the focal point. This technique  is not at all permanent so it is easy to add color without having to be too much committed to it for ever.

color blocking









In the two examples below  the first picture shows how you can add that bold punch of color “red” as the example without overdoing it. They have used the red in the area rug, accent pillow, red bottle of wine and the side table has some red items on it. Notice the very crisp and neutral white background in the remaining items in the room and that is what makes the red stands out! In the second picture another way of adding color by color blocking but this is being done in the draperies, they have added color to a very neutral background.

Block colored draperies








So to summarize adding color can be very daring or it can be very scary!! If you are redesigning or remodeling and you love to have color in your life then go for it!! Of course it is up to you how  much or how bold you want your colors to be in your own living space. If selling your home then you might want to caution on the safe side, stay with neutral backgrounds and add color with a degree of control so the prospective buyers are not going to feel overwhelmed. If feeling overwhelmed and still can’t decide, hire a Professional Stager. With a simple color consultation, they will help to guide you through the process of choosing just the right color choices for you whether you are selling or just redesigning.

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