Dollars & Sense; The Cost of Staging A Home

Professional Home Stagers are trained in the art (and sometimes science) of captivating buyers at first glance, usually online!  It is not a “smoke & mirrors’ game rather a showcase of true pride of ownership.  The reality is that homeowners who choose to present their home in the best manner to potential buyers truly care about the condition and presentation of their home and ultimately the price the receive for it. 

Most often homeowners will not neglect the small details that require attention prior to staging, after all putting their best foot forward goes far beyond furniture arrangement and accessory enhancement.  But once all the prep work is complete, what will it cost to stage a home?  Here is a simple breakdown explaining the process:

The Consultation (ranges by stager, an average starting price would be $200-$250 and can increase by square footage for large homes) Did you know many Realtors will pay for this consultation?

This is the “dirty work”, all the prep work required to present the home is addressed here.  Each home is unique and some homes will require more than others.  Does your home require paint touch ups? updated lighting? cleaning? leaky faucets in need of repair? appliances not working properly? flooring stained and damaged?

These are the types of items addressed during this phase of the “Staging”.  How much of the items get completed and for how much will all depend on the homeowner and how much work they are able to, or willing to do themselves.

** Budgets and ROI should always be taken into account in this phase **

The Staging (this is where pricing gets tricky)

The majority of Professional Home Stagers choose to stage a home that suits the style of the home and the targeted buyer.  This means that unique furniture & accessory displays will be required for each specific home – this takes some time and creativity to plan properly.

The Design Phase – this is taken into account once the homeowner has completed all the agreed upon prep work.  Figuring out what needs to go where, and what colors are best suited for the space is incorporated into the planning phase.  This cost is typically incorporated into a Staging Fee.

The Delivery/Removal – all rented items (if required) need to be packed up from a warehouse, delivered, unpacked, assembled and they will again need to be disassembled, re-packed, re-delivered to warehouse and unpacked at the warehouse.  Depending on the amount of items required this cost can range from $85 – $500 in Niagara.  (Most people pay much more to move an entire house twice!)

Rental Items – often times it is more cost effective for vacant homes, and even occupied homes in need of furnishings to rent rather than purchase.  The rental cost depends on the items required, and the style of home and target market should dictate what those particular pieces should be to create a “style”.  Certain styles of furniture can be more expensive to purchase than others, and some artwork may be more difficult to source than others – these factors amongst others it what ultimately determines the rental cost.

In all our years of staging, we have never had 2 homes with the same cost for staging simply because each home is unique and should be staged to reflect that uniqueness.

Rental fees can cost as little as $100 for basic accessories and can go up to a few thousand dollars in the Niagara region for full furniture rental.

The Staging Day – Furniture needs to be arranged, curtains hung, carpets laid, textiles steamed, beds made, artwork and mirrors positioned and all staged items needs to be clean and polished.  Depending on the size of the home, most stagers will have a minimum price of around $400 and the cost can get into the thousands for a team of stagers on large, complex projects.

There are typically no “predetermined” costs for staging, no prices “per room”.  If you want to showcase your home properly, it does take a bit of effort but a Home Staging Estimate is often no charge through most companies, so it won’t cost you anything to find out if investing a few dollars in your home will make sense for you.




About Lisa McIntee

Lisa McIntee is the owner of The Staging Professionals and RESA's 2014 Top Professional Home Stager in North America. The Staging Professionals is Niagara's Multi-Award Winning Home Staging Company offering a wide range of services designed to assist Realtors, Investors, Builders and Home Owners increase their bottom line when selling or renting their home.

Lisa is a member of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) and holds the elected position of Ontario President. She is also a RESA Mastermind Member, Staging Instructor & Mentor with SAR Staging & Re-Design and is actively involved in her community through various charitable organizations.

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