Give me some color please!!

As I sit here in my very warm cozy home and I look out the window, all I can say is give me some color please! It is hard to believe that spring is 57 days away!! Temperatures are plummeting every day to as low as -30 and the falling snow that melts and then refreezes again, makes everything look dark and drab! Well since spring is just around the corner, it is time to start thinking of adding some color back into our life.  Pantone’s color of the year for 2014 years is Radiant Orchid. This beautiful, rich, vibrant color is just the beginning to adding some vibrancy back into your space.

Adding color to your space does not mean that you pick your favorite color and paint every wall in your home in that strong color. Although painting is a pretty economical way to update your room, keeping it neutral on the walls is always a safer away to go. So think outside the norm and add color with your pillows, art work, throws, curtains, color blocking on walls, and adding a punch a color with a few accessories throughout your space is a perfect way to display your love of color.

If you are bold then choose your pillows with bold colors, textures,design and pattern. If you caution on the safe side then choose your pillows with solid colors, that can still have texture and design, but your colors can be on a tone on tone effect.

Keeping your furniture neutral always allows you to add different color whenever you choose. Your art work is  another great way to express your passion about color. Choosing art work with bold colors will add a punch of color in a space that could otherwise be neutral in every other aspect.

As you can see there are  many different ways of adding color into your life, whether you want to be safe adding color minimally or you want to be bold and adding color with pillows, art work, and accessories. Using accessories to add color in your home allows you  the flexibility to change items from month to month or season to season, therefore never getting tired of your look.

The best part is that whatever you choose is up to you, bold or not, let your choice represent you and your taste and don’t forget HAVE FUN with it, that is what color is all about!





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