How “Real” is “Reality”?

It’s something that those of us in the Home Staging industry hear almost daily, “Oh, I watch all the shows, I have a pretty good handle on what needs to be done”.  Reality TV has been exponential in introducing the Home Staging Concept to home owners but it has also created an influx of DIY Staging disasters.

Television portrays “custom” window treatments for $30, an entire home being designed and set up in a few short hours, kitchen updates that are miraculously completed over the commercial break, and list prices that show some hefty returns for all this work.

The reality is quite the opposite.

-Window treatments, stock or custom, cost money.

-Time is money, so when someone is running around putting together designs and shopping prices, someone should be paying for that.

– Kitchens take time, and often cost more money than ever anticipated.

– Returns are relevant to the improvements, location, investment made and other issues surrounding the home, don’t every assume if you spend $1 you will make $3, it may not work that way. Seek professional advice.

– Never assume making a home “pretty” will have buyers overlook major issues with the home.  Pretty creates a highly marketable and saleable product, it should never be thought of as a “tool” to cover up big ticket items. Disclose items if you cannot afford the repair.

– No improvements will sell an overpriced home, discuss your expectations on price with a Professional Realtor.  Allow them to provide you with the tools you require to make an informed decision prior to diving into any project.

– Home Staging is more than just furniture arrangement and it typically doesn’t happen overnight.  To prepare a home properly, design, planning and sourcing all take time.

Selling a home can be very stressful, but there is nothing more important than a smart approach.  Professional Realtors have a team of professionals they rely on, and as part of the team we all work together.  From Home Stagers, Pre-Home Inspections, Financing Experts and so on, rest assured that when its your time to sell, there is a team available to assist you in making the correct choices to achieve the highest return possible on your home.




About Lisa McIntee

Lisa McIntee is the owner of The Staging Professionals and RESA's 2014 Top Professional Home Stager in North America. The Staging Professionals is Niagara's Multi-Award Winning Home Staging Company offering a wide range of services designed to assist Realtors, Investors, Builders and Home Owners increase their bottom line when selling or renting their home.

Lisa is a member of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) and holds the elected position of Ontario President. She is also a RESA Mastermind Member, Staging Instructor & Mentor with SAR Staging & Re-Design and is actively involved in her community through various charitable organizations.

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