How to Sell a Stale Home

Once you’ve decided to sell your home you contact a Realtor and have them stick the sign up on the lawn and look forward to the next chapter in your life.  You soon realize that the next chapter may not be as close as you had assumed because there is no interest in your home…you love your home, why doesn’t anyone else – it should have been sold by now!

Now it’s time to take a step back, be objective and approach the sale of your home like any other business transaction.  What is the product your selling, what is the market value of your product (this is NOT the value that you place on your home, rather the value that the market will substantiate), and how is the product packaged?

Here is our most recent sucess story, listen up!

This home had been on the market for months (and months) with the owner now living in another city, and the home sitting vacant. The carrying costs were getting too much to handle and the frusteration had kicked in months before we even knew about this listing.  The owner decided it was time for a change.  She contacted a Realtor who listened attentively to her concerns and sprung into action.  We were called in to assess the situation – upon entering we noted small space, cleaning required, paint touch ups and standard finishes.  However we also noted an “in-demand ” main floor living space, gorgeous fireplace and views of the ships passing by that make this lifestyle desireable!

The plan:

furnish the home to target a specific demographic, professionally photograph the home, virtual
tours, online exposure, multi-media exposure and a feature spread in the local
newspaper.  Check out the results below!

The living space before

the floors are covered, walls crowded, fireplace is drowned out, space is congested,
the views are hidden – what is this home saying to you?

The living space after
the floors are exposed, the room is de-cluttered, furniture is added to appeal to a
certain demographic, accessories are added to enhance the space slightly without
over-crowding it, the traffic flow is opened up and the water view is now the
primary focal point

The master bedroom before
with todays busy lifestyles, a master bedroom needs to be a place of tranquility and
relaxation – anything that makes a room busy or confusing can distract buyers
from the sole purpose a master bedroom is designed for

The master bedroom after
creating an easy space to envision living in was the goal, soft colors and
textures made this simple change extremely effective.

The office before –

with more and more people searching for a space in a home for an office, creating the ideal
space where it would be a pleasure to sit down and get down to business is
extremely important.

The office after
appropriate furniture, a carpet to define the space, appropriate lighting and
seating as well as selective artwork to increase the perceived value of the
space completed this transformation.

The Result of all this hard work was an accepted offer within 1 week with a 2 week closing!  The homeowner was
thrilled, not only did we (The Realtor – -and our company) accomplish
getting the home sold, it was sold for the price she had hoped for, and the
carrying costs were minimized by the very quick closing date.

This is how it’s done!

Congratulations not only to the Home Owner but also The B Team,
Patrick Burke & Jim Broderick of Sally McGarr Realty on a job well




About Lisa McIntee

Lisa McIntee is the owner of The Staging Professionals and RESA's 2014 Top Professional Home Stager in North America. The Staging Professionals is Niagara's Multi-Award Winning Home Staging Company offering a wide range of services designed to assist Realtors, Investors, Builders and Home Owners increase their bottom line when selling or renting their home.

Lisa is a member of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) and holds the elected position of Ontario President. She is also a RESA Mastermind Member, Staging Instructor & Mentor with SAR Staging & Re-Design and is actively involved in her community through various charitable organizations.

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