I had a blast! Now back to reality….

I have to say I had a blast meeting all the talented women at the Resa Convention this year. Now it is back to reality ! I had been planning this trip to Vegas for the Resa Convention since September 2013. I contemplated for a while if  I was even going to attend!  I have traveled many years ago to Europe to visit family,  but this was going to be the very first time I was planning on  leaving my kids(13 and 15 years old), my husband and travelling on my own outside of Canada for the very first time!!

So I booked my flight and hotel and  waited patiently to go, I was extremely excited to be going to Vegas. I managed to get through a very hectic holiday season and before you know it was January 27, 2014 and it was time to pack and leave my family!!

treasure island

In the past  I have always flown over  the eastern part on North America, this trip allowed me to fly over the central and western part of North America and it was beautiful! The Rockies were spectacular in color and size, it was amazing!

Once in Vegas, I was lucky enough to meet up with some friendly fantastic colleagues from Texas, and together we headed off to the biggest trade design show I have ever been to! Three huge 12 story buildings exhibiting furniture, decor and everything and anything to showcase  interior design. It was truly amazing and my feet had an extremely hard time keeping up with the walking!

world trade market

In the evening I had the pleasure of meeting some great colleagues from  New York state and we discussed and shared invaluable information that will aid me to grow my business. I was so impressed with these power house of women and how hard they work to grow their business and how everyone was so willing to share their knowledge, it was incredible.

The following two days there were  seminars offered that taught everyone how to brand your business, how to make killer presentations to your target market. I was extremely proud to hear speakers from throughout North America but also from Canadian speakers that had a wealth of information to share.That evening we homered all the stagers that had been nominated and won, and I am proud to say that  top stager  was directly from my chapter, that was fantastic to see someone so close to home being recognized.

Anna and Kristie

anna at conventionAt times there was an abundance of information given that it felt a little overwhelming, but  I am so excited to implement all the great ideas! After all the celebrating, a few of my colleagues had dinner at Caesar’s Palace Cheese cake Factory, followed by the fantastic LOVE show from Cirque DE So lei

cirque de soleicirque de soleiI am now home still trying to gather all the information that was shared with me and trying to make plans on how I am going to implement all the great ideas into my business plan this year. I am still amazed at all the women I met and at  how quickly they have all manged to start and grow their business so quickly. I met one colleague that  having been in business only for 3 years has managed to grow her business ten fold, she now not only runs a successful staging company but she also has a store she sells furniture to the public. I met another fellow stager( he was so funny) that at the time I met him he had 60 homes staged and in the previous year he had staged 478 homes!!! Unbelievable amount of talent!!

Although I missed my family a tremendous amount, I am so thankful that I was able to attend and meet all these wonderful people. Now that I am back to reality of everyday life, like laundry, driving kids around, making supper, lunches( I really did not miss any of this part of my life) I am so thankful I allowed myself this little splurge because in the end I had a BLAST and cannot wait till next year!

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