For more information on how to utilize our partner programs, please log into RESA and go to the exclusive deals page.

RESA CANADA is looking for partnerships with the following suppliers and products:

  • Moving Supplies and Movers
  • Storage Solutions
  • Furniture Rental
  • Props and Faux Food
  • Paint Suppliers
  • Floral Greenery Providers
  • Window Covering Providers
  • Insurance Providers
  • Eco Friendly Products
  • Linen Resources
  • Rug Resources
  • Lighting Resources
  • Flooring Installers and Suppliers
  • Merchant Services

If you have a product or service you feel stagers will benefit to add to their suppliers resources please contact Angela Brooks, Regional VP of RESA Canada.
Home Staging Furniture Rental

Home Staging Furniture Rental

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