Regardless of Price, Every Home Is A Castle



People often assume that staging is only for high end homes, a luxury only afforded by those with higher incomes.  The truth is that all homes can benefit from the advice of a Professional Home Stager and homes in the low to mid price range have the most competition, therefore it is imperative they look their best.

A Professional Home Stager is skilled at presenting homes, regardless of price, in the best manner possible and within a budget that the homeowner can afford.

Home Staging has been changing the way Real Estate is both bought and sold and “move-in ready” homes are selling quick, creating a larger demand for these properties.  Buyers are looking for a lifestyle and selling a dream is what Real Estate is truly about.

My first real estate purchase was a tiny 1 bedroom condo in Mississauga at the age of 19, owned by a Professional couple who had most likely long outgrown it and no longer appreciated its space and forgotten its features.  I remember previewing the property which was perfectly photographed and presented, everything in its place and a beautiful exposed brick wall highlighted by the cathedral ceilings was front and centre the moment I walked in the door.

Even though you may have outgrown your house, decide its time for something new, or are downsizing, never forget the reason you bought the home in the first place.  It was your castle, your dream of something bigger or better and be sure to showcase that potential to the next buyer.

No matter where your move is taking you or what the price of your home may be, don’t forget the importance of emotion and ultimately creating that dream that you once had the day you purchased your home.  Inspire someone else the way you were inspired, there is great results awaiting you when you do.

Even though the price was low, the condo was presented like a castle,  my first castle.  My offer was submitted and accepted – it was one of the greatest feelings ever, a feeling I never forget each time I design a new property for sale.

Home Staging is so much more than just furniture, why leave your biggest investment to chance?



About Lisa McIntee

Lisa McIntee is the owner of The Staging Professionals and RESA's 2014 Top Professional Home Stager in North America. The Staging Professionals is Niagara's Multi-Award Winning Home Staging Company offering a wide range of services designed to assist Realtors, Investors, Builders and Home Owners increase their bottom line when selling or renting their home.

Lisa is a member of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) and holds the elected position of Ontario President. She is also a RESA Mastermind Member, Staging Instructor & Mentor with SAR Staging & Re-Design and is actively involved in her community through various charitable organizations.

"RESA Professional Stager of the Year North America 2014"
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