Should you paint before you sell your property?

You are shopping for a new home. You visit websites to start your search.  Pictures on a website could be deceiving.  Once you drive up to that potential home all the peeling paint is very visible.  The first thing that goes through a buyers mind is how much money they will need to spend on paint.

Peeling paint, bold colours, cracks in walls and ceilings are a red flag for buyers.  Put yourself in the buyers shoes.  All they will think about is all the work involved, the cost of the paint and the labour if they need to hire a professional.  There goes your first impression and they are will be thinking advantage buyer.  They will now offer you less then your asking price.

Things to keep in mind when making your decision to paint your home:

  • If your colours are outdated, bold or the walls are in need of repair.  Get an estimate from a professional.  Painting your home will make a huge visual impact on the look and feel of your home.  This upgrade will give you a big return.
  • Do you have wallpaper in every room.  The average home buyer does not want wallpaper in every room.  An focal wall is one thing with a beautiful design, but not the whole home.
  • When choosing wall colours do not paint each room a different colour.  Remember being creative when its your home is one thing, but when buyers walk through a neutral colour with the odd accent wall is the way to go.

Paint Colours


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