The Importance of Staging for Photography

The dynamics of selling a home have changed drastically, just talk candidly to anyone who has attempted to sell a home using the traditional “clean & list it” method. Unless it was “priced to sell”, I can bet it was a long, tough sale.

This doesn’t mean an entire overhaul is required, but depending on your goals some work may be involved.  The question is almost always asked “Why do I have to do this”? and the truth is, because it needs to be done.  A more in depth answer would depend on the item, but there is a logic and sequence behind everything a home stager does and recommends.  Is there anything wrong with the 5 little candle sticks on the buffet? Absolutely not, and they certainly won’t become deal breakers, however, they would hinder the photography of more important elements.

Savvy Realtors use expert photography and video to capture the overall lifestyle of the home, these images will be your homes true first impression, so make it count.

506 Simcoe kitchen

Clear counters; expert photographers will capture the gleaming stone as well as well as natural light entering this space.  The color strategically placed on the countertop is the initial draw for potential buyers.

ensuite after

Remove personal products from showers, bath surround and counters (this also includes carpets).  Creating a spa-like bathroom cannot be done with bright colored bottles and containers floating around, now buyers see all the features of this space without any distractions.


Today’s lifestyles are more hectic than ever.  Bedrooms needs to become a sanctuary, a place away from the everyday chaos that life hands to us.  Soothing bedding and minimal distractions are key.  Mismatched bedding, older flooring, personal photos and knick knacks are the #1 deterrent in photos. 

Professional home stagers will always use professional quality photos to display their work.  We do this because we know that we are in the business of making first impressions and the photos are what count when selling a home.

Top 5 Photography/Staging “No-No’s”

1. Remove all items smaller than a soccer ball from shelves, tables, floors etc; these types of items never photograph well  unless they are expertly coordinated and displayed,

2. Bookshelves should only be 1/3 full, color coordinate books and incorporate large decor items on shelves in lieu of books,

3. Glass cabinets in a kitchen should not be displaying a multitude of tupperware, mis matched bowls and other trinkets.  Clean out these spaces and spend the time organizing.  The kitchen photography will thank you for it.

4. Bathrooms – personal items in bathrooms is never a good thing in photos, my pet peeve is seeing a multitude of colors behind an expensive tempered glass shower door.  Place everything under the sink, keep only matching solid color towels/florals/candles etc along with a light shower curtain kept open.

5. Wrinkly beds – Stagers are wrinkle-free fanatics, but that doesn’t mean we expect you to be when you live in your home.  Photos of bedrooms should look like a boutique, everything proper, fresh, and wrinkle free.



About Lisa McIntee

Lisa McIntee is the owner of The Staging Professionals and RESA's 2014 Top Professional Home Stager in North America. The Staging Professionals is Niagara's Multi-Award Winning Home Staging Company offering a wide range of services designed to assist Realtors, Investors, Builders and Home Owners increase their bottom line when selling or renting their home.

Lisa is a member of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) and holds the elected position of Ontario President. She is also a RESA Mastermind Member, Staging Instructor & Mentor with SAR Staging & Re-Design and is actively involved in her community through various charitable organizations.

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