Vacant homes…..To stage or not to stage?



before staging living room

before staging living room

Why should you stage a vacant home?

Quite a common question from many Builders, Investors,homeowners and Real Estate Agents. Why should a vacant home be staged? Well I guess you could start the listing empty and then if there is no interest then you could stage..  The reality  of that statement is that it really would be doing things backwards. In most cases the most showings on a home come when it is first listed, so that would seem that it would be a missed opportunity if the home is unstaged when first  listed.


If the average home has an average of 10-20 showings in order to sell, then it makes sense to say that by staging the property first before listing, would attract more attention once on MLS. Attracting more interest in the property might make a buyer want to view it in person.  In today’s market, a home buyer will search the  Internet before viewing any homes, so it is a must to have the pictures look pristine. Furnished rooms with function are much more enticing to the buyer then cold empty rooms.


stage a vacant

After Staging living room


The perception on a vacant home is that you can usually buy it for less money. The buyer will always ask “why is it empty” and although the answer could vary from job re-location,  bigger or smaller home, estate sale or for a multitude of other reasons, it sometimes gives the buyer some advantage.  If  the sellers are carrying two mortgages or moved out of town and want to sell the home quickly, the buyers offer could be lower than it should be.






Open concept,hard to determine where the dining room should be

Open concept,hard to determine where to place the dining area


In an older home it is difficult at times  to visualize what size furniture will fit into a room. Will a queen size bed fit into this space with a dresser? Will a sofa and  love seat fit in this living room. The open concept great rooms in newer homes today can confuse some buyers as to where and how they place their furniture and define the spaces/rooms since there are no walls.




 After Staging the Dining room,

After Staging the Dining room,

In an empty house you see EVERYTHING, which is great form the buyers prospective, but every scuff mark, fingerprint, area that needs to be repaired will stick out like a sore thumb. Instead of the buyer looking at the room size and features and how they can live in that room, which is what we offer with staging, they will only see any flaws that have not been fixed, this usually creates a negative feeling of “this house is not taken care of properly”.



Staging  steps for a vacant home:

  • clean all outside areas, add new mulch, flowers, cut down overgrown shrubs to create curb appeal
  • clean your home from top to bottom, ceilings, walls and floor
  • depending on your budget, upgrade lighting, switches, plugs, flooring if damaged
  • shampoo carpets, take down heavy draperies and allow the light to shine in!
  • Paint walls in a neutral color(not white), pain trim and doors if stained(light bright rooms sell!!)
  • Paint kitchen/bathroom cabinets, and replace hardware
  • Repair areas that are in need of it;  leaky faucets, broken windows, upgrade lighting
  • Stage your home to show function and lifestyle of every room,( especially principal rooms; Master bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and office.

Call a Real Estate Agent, they will show you your competition and give you comparables for your  home. Determine a budget for preparing your home for sale. Hire a Home Stager , they will advice you on how to prepare your home for sale, they will work with your budget, advice you on the best choices for improving your home.  Then start working on the steps above, once finished, the home will be ready to be showcased/staged. Does your a Staging company offer you updated furniture and accessories? Do your homework, check the company’s website for previous work, look them up on social media, are they always putting forward the utmost professionalism? The company that answers yes to all those questions is the one to hire, they will respond on time, deliver the best service, and with the best optimal results.

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