What Is Your Bedroom Saying To Buyers?

“If only the bedroom walls could talk”, has an entirely different meaning than most would think to Professionals in the Home Staging Industry.

Today’s homes are focusing more and more on creating ultra luxurious master suites.  New home builders understand what today’s buyers are looking for and are offering large space, designer walk-in closets, his and hers spa-like bathrooms, fireplaces and separate lounge areas in these spaces, just to name a few of the lavish luxuries now available without custom building.

When it comes to creating a master suite, re-sale homes don’t have the ability to offer these customizable “options” to potential buyers, but there are still very effective ways to evoke serious emotion and portray a luxurious lifestyle for buyers without having these particular features in a home.  Please view a small sample of our staging below to help understand the basic principles behind staging a master suite:


Create Great Space


Buyers love admiring space so be sure not to cram furnishings into your bedroom in order to show everything fits.  Buyers are almost always visual but don’t want to be bombarded with storage overkill.  Scale is extremely important, place the proper size furniture in the right places to maximize the appeal of a bedroom.


A Balancing Act


Balancing the room is also important because even though buyers cant often pinpoint why the room “feels off”, it is usually positioning of key pieces that evokes this negative feeling.  Night tables should match as well as lighting on either side of the bed. If you are hanging art in this space, be sure the pieces are properly weighted particularly when on opposing walls.


Bold & Bright Isn’t Always Right

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Color and patterns help evoke feeling in buyers, but the wrong selections in this department can wreak emotional havoc on a buyer.  You do not want buyers noticing how bright the bedding is; rather keep them feeling like they could climb right into bed at that very moment.  Use color and pattern sparingly as capturing the feeling of a room in photographs can often be difficult when there is too much visual stimulation. Always be sure to cater to the buyers needs, not your own when selecting items for this space.  One of my favorite “bedding” sayings for my clients who will shop for new bedding when selling their home is “Just because they sell it does not mean that you should buy it”. 


Texture is Heart Warming

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Texture is a great way to add intrigue into a space.  There are many ways to incorporate the right textures for each unique space and these textures will often inspire buyers, encourage them to relax or simply create a more comfortable atmosphere.   Faux satin, furs and plush items can be found in accent furnishings and decor items and when strategically placed in a bedroom can have a huge impact on the final design.

 If you aren’t sure how to accomplish any of these design ideas in your space, feel free to contact us at 905-358-4887.  You can preview our extensive portfolio of homes at www.thestagingprofessionals.com/porfolio to see exactly how we can help transform your space into a buyers dream home.

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