Which furniture to keep to enhance your home before selling.

So little time, so much to do before your home goes up for sale.  Some people will advise you to clear everything out of your home before you sell it, others will tell you to leave your belongings until its sold.

As buyers walk through your home they are seeing the structure, but do not underestimate their emotional attachment they are developing as they go from room to room.  They are starting to envision their family and how their lifestyle will fit into your home.  This is challenging for most people to do when a home is vacant.

As a professional stager, I highly recommend you create a lifestyle that will attract buyers that will visit your open house.  Yes, that means going through each room and getting to work.  If you are budget conscience get a professional stager to complete a consult for you before your home is listed.

Furniture RefurbishFurniture Refurbished









Here are some tips for furniture:

  1. Anything broken, torn, damaged.  TOSS IT.  Unless you will refurbish it.
  2. Update furniture by reupholstering it. Once your home sells, you get to take your furniture.
  3. Stagers use furniture rental companies.

This ottoman was given a fresh start.  Enhance your furnishings before you sell.

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