You want to view my home now?

So there you are looking out of your front living room window and all you see is white everywhere. Yup, it is the middle of January and you are surrounded by  a major snow storm. You then  hear the shrill sound of your phone ringing and your Realtor is telling you that there is a viewing scheduled for your home in the next hour!!! As you ponder why on earth anyone would want to venture out in this major blizzard, you suddenly realize that your plan of curling up in front of your cozy fireplace with some hot chocolate and  your favorite book has just gone out the window…….



You have worked diligently with your Realtor and your  home Stager to prepare the inside of  your home to be market ready, and being the middle of the winter I am sure that you never considered preparing the outside of your home! Curb appeal is really more something  to focus on in the spring and summer months, right?

Wrong! Curb appeal is important anytime of the year. The first impression of your home begins with the buyers viewing your home on line, drive by and then in person with a scheduled viewing.  So upon driving up to your home, your  home buyers need to see that your home is well maintained inside and out! Make their visit safe and welcoming….

Here are some tips on how to prepare your home outside for your potential buyers;

  • After the holidays take down all your outdoor decorations
  • make sure that your garbage cans and recycling are out of sight
  • clear your driveways of all snow and ice
  • clear all walkways and city  sidewalks of all snow and ice
  •  spread  salt to remove all  remaining  ice
  • winterize your outdoor faucets
  • store or cover your outdoor furniture

After your buyers have now gone through your extremely well maintained home, you can now relax, make your hot chocolate, add another log to the fire, and pick up that book and blanket and snuggle in, because all you have to do now is wait for that fantastic offer you will be receiving soon!!

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